The last time I posted one of these posts, I ended up writing 1 blog post and disappearing for months while life threw all kinds of lemons at me. I’m pleased to say that finally, finally, most of the lemons have been squeezed and turned into lemonade. But that’s not what this post is about.

The new year started a couple of weeks ago, and for me, New Years = new beginnings.

Yet still, here at Aurora Hikma we don’t approve of New Years resolutions. We’d rather create strategic goals for each month, with overarching plans for the quarter and stretch goals for the year.

Here’s what we have on our plate for January:

  • Clear all outstanding client work and pending invoices.
  • Implement a very simple marketing plan.
  • Put Aurora Hikma on the map as a place that welcomes guest posts with open arms.
  • Reach out to 7 people that sound like a lot of work to reach out to, for coffee chats.
  • Target one really famous person to pitch our services to by end of Q1.
  • Cold emails. 250 of them, in 10 days. Document the shit out of the experiment like Gabriel Machuret.
  • Plan for beta service launch in Feb.

Yep. 7 little (big) things for the remaining days of this month.

I’ll be back on the 1st of February with an update + new goals. Meanwhile, please enjoy our newly scheduled programming. We have juicy blog posts on beginning anew coming right up!