Since 2016

Aurora Hikma is inspired by my personal life. I’m a bilingual native speaker of English and Arabic with family members who only speak Arabic, and I’ve had trouble sharing evidence-based sources of information with them, simply because they don’t exist in Arabic.

Working first as a freelance translator online, I soon gained experience in social media, website management, and public relations which helped me found Aurora Hikma. You can find me online @bouchra.rebiai on Instagram and @brebiai on Twitter.

Bouchra Rebiai

Founder and CEO

our philosophy

How We Work

we are women

Our team is comprised 100% of women who are qualified and passionate about what they do.

we spread wisdom

Every project we work on is carefully selected based on how much impact it will have.

we reconstruct words

From translation to copywriting, we specialize in using words to get your message across.