Taking on the task of having your business “talk” to your customers in a language you don’t know well can be daunting. Today, we’re discussing 6 effective ways to connect with Arab consumers online.

  1. Talk to them in Arabic: this is the hardest task, but it is made easy when you hire a translator to help. Look back to our previous blog post for a handy checklist you can use when hiring a translator to evaluate whether they’re right for your business.
  2. Talk to them about the people they care about: family is a big theme in the Arab world, you can never go wrong with connecting your products and services to providing a better life (or simply, better gifts) to one’s loved ones.
  3. Find ways to relate to their values: Arabs are well-known since over a thousand years for generosity and hospitality. Honor and social and familial loyalty are also important values.
  4. Use elements of Arab cultural heritage: whether you use Islamic geometry in your graphics or heavily rely on Arabic music in your Reels and Stories, giving a nod to the culture of the region will definitely be appreciated.
  5. Be inclusive in your ads: the millions of expats working in the UAE aren’t an excuse for you to not include people of various races, skin tones, and religious backgrounds in your ads. It’s 2022, and diversity is a strength, not a weakness.
  6. Celebrate holidays that are important to Arabs: Ramadan and both Eids are special times for the majority of Arabs (and non-Arab Muslims too), so make sure to celebrate with a similar level of fanfare that you would use to celebrate Christmas.

As a business owner, doing business in a multicultural environment is not easy. Addressing consumers from various backgrounds is difficult, but not impossible.

With these tips, you can get a head start on making more meaningful connections with your Arab customers. It will go a long way in helping you improve your bottom line.

If you’re considering using Arabic content to connect with your customers, we can help with creating original and translated content. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at hello@aurorahikma.com for a quote.