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Supercharge Your Social Media Accounts in Arabic

a done-for-you service that takes care of everything from content to analytics in Arabic and supercharges your business’s presence in the MENA region

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Frustrated Because the Language Barrier is Standing in the Way of Connecting with Millions of Arabic-Speaking Consumers?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Droid%20Serif” font_color=”%23161b22″]You have a great product or service that you know will gain traction among Arabs, but you’re frustrated about the language barrier between you and millions of potential customers. You know taking classes isn’t going to help you connect on a deeper level with your customers, at least not for a few years until you’re 100% fluent. You know you don’t have the time to test out social media managers who may or may not do the work properly – and you cannot assess accurately due to the lack of fluency in Arabic. Also, you really need your sales to increase exponentially so you can continue providing your amazing product or service.


Have you ever wondered if you could…[/text_block]

  • get someone to communicate your company’s vision authentically in Arabic, on social media?
  • find a reliable partner who will work on improving your social media accounts in Arabic, without having to push them around or follow up with them every few hours?
  • finally break the language barrier and get your company to start “talking” in Arabic?
  • increase your company’s revenues by adding Arabic to your social media accounts?

You Can Connect With Millions of Arabic-Speaking Customers Online!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Droid%20Serif” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23161b22″]The simple act of adding Arabic to your social media accounts will allow you to tap into one of the world’s fastest growing markets in terms of digital spending! Imagine waking up in the morning to fulfill orders from Dubai, Beirut, Casablanca, and more! Your company will be truly global, with happy, satisfied customers who speak one of the world’s hardest languages to learn, all from the comfort of your own home or office and without exceeding the boundaries of the universal language of business: English. Your profits will start growing, as will your company’s reputation. How nice it would be to make your brand a household name without turning into a giant corporation, like Coca-Cola or L’Oreal?


Have you always wanted to…[/text_block]

  • impact the lives of people who don’t speak English with your amazing product or service?
  • own a successful global and multilingual company?
  • receive and fulfill orders from parts of the world you’ve only dreamed of visiting?
  • grow your brand’s reputation and reach worldwide?

That’s Why We Created the Social Media Superchargers!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Droid%20Serif” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23161b22″]Browsing the Internet and talking to various businesses online, we realized there is a lack of quality social media services in Arabic that help non-Arabic speaking business owners and their marketing departments connect with their customers in an authentic manner. We also realized that this is the number one reason many businesses don’t even think of trying to access the Arab markets, despite the fact that digital sales are growing at a rate of 30% yearly in the region. Given our expertise in communicating with customers and knowledge of the cultural and linguistic quirks of the region, we knew there had to be a way to change this, and that’s how we created the Social Media Superchargers.

This isn’t your typical social media management service. While we will be using all the regular features of a social media management service, including a strategy, a plan, and a combination of pre-scheduled and spontaneous posts, we will also be ensuring that the strategy speaks to Arab consumers in a way that authentically communicates your brand vision to them. We also will make sure the plan is filled with posts that are attuned to Arab culture and induce in your customers feelings of familiarity with your brand. Lastly, but not leastly, we ensure that each post is tailored to suit your audience, and is carefully crafted to achieve maximum ROI. If you’ve dreaded the idea of expanding your brand to include Arabic, you’re going to love our approach![/text_block]

What Is The Social Media Supercharger?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Droid%20Serif” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23161b22″]Good question. The Social Media Supercharger is a carefully assembled package that includes almost everything you need for your brand’s social media to shine in the Arabic-speaking digital spheres. Our package literally supercharges your social media accounts and strategy, allowing them to achieve maximum potential in Arabic and allowing you to achieve your business goals faster and in a more superior manner. We have tailored these packages for the 3 most important social media platforms (in our opinion), but this can be changed to suit your business goals better. This is something we would decide on during the free consult.[/text_block]
  • Supercharger Essential

    3-5 posts per week, including 2 photos
    Website content promotion
    Interaction with pages of non-competing businesses to spread news of your company
    Up to 3 hours of customer service weekly

    3-5 tweets per day, including up to 5 photos weekly
    Website content promotion
    Up to 3 hours of customer service weekly, including monitoring for those who don’t interact with you directly
    Hashtag creation, management,and usage
    Keyword monitoring
    Participation in 2 Twitter chats per month, or creation of a monthly Twitter chat
    Interaction with complementary businesses, influencers, and media

    3 posts weekly
    Website content promotion
    Up to 3 hours of customer service
    Interaction with complementary businesses, customers, and influencers
    Hashtag creation, management,and usage

    Social Media Advertising:
    1 small ad campaign per month, on a single channel. Ad spending budget to be determined in discovery call.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The Process
After you fill out our entry form or drop us that first email, we will send you a link to schedule a discovery call with our Chief Linguistic Officer, Bouchra. In the discovery call we will discuss your business goals, the package you’re interested in, the ad spending budget, and the payment plan and method suitable for you. Once you’ve made the payment, we will do some strategizing on our end, then we will send you a detailed list of ideas we are sure will supercharge your social media accounts.

Then we hop on Skype again with you to discuss the list and what ideas you’d like to implement. We then will formulate a social media plan for the next 3 months, and send it over to you. If you’re happy with it, we move forward with implementation, otherwise, we tweak it until you’re happy with it. Implementation includes preparing one month’s content in advance, as well as scheduling all of them in Buffer, Hootsuite, or a combination of both. What would remain on a day-to-day basis is customer service and spontaneous posts that make use of trending hashtags and topics. Based on both our expertise and your preferences, we will tweak the social media plan as we implement it as well, because here at Aurora Hikma, we believe there is always room for improvement![/text_block]

Your Investment: $497 monthly

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Droid%20Serif” font_color=”%23161b22″]We require a minimum commitment of 3 months, so we can plan and execute a social media plan for an entire quarter. That’s because we dedicate ourselves to making sure that the social media plan we put for you is tested and tweaked until we are able to establish a strong bridge of communication between you and your clients. Once that’s down, making plans and executing them is a breeze.

Most social media management services cost a fortune, but we have handpicked some essential components of a successful social media strategy, and put them into these little packages. If you want something smaller, or bigger, please do contact us at, and we’ll work out an arrangement that’s win-win for all parties![/text_block]

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    If you book and pay for a package before the 21st of August, we will include the following bonuses with each package:

    1 Impact Check-Up session, worth $97 on its own.

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Client 5

Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work. We do offer a refund policy, but we would like to first be given the chance to understand what went wrong and figure out a way to fix it.

In the case that doesn’t work, we expect you to let us know no later than the end of the 3rd week of our work together that you don’t want to continue, in which case we will refund the full fees of the 2nd and 3rd months. Unfortunately, due to the time and effort we put in towards working together, we are unable to refund the first month’s fees.

This Offer is a No-Brainer if You’re Looking to Expand Your Business to the Arab World!

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