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Let's face it, running a multilingual business (or aspiring to run one) isn't easy. Especially when you don't have the time and/or linguistic skills to connect with a huge segment of your target market.

That’s where Aurora Hikma steps in. We handle all what your business needs in Arabic, from translating your website/social media platforms, to developing original and translated content for your social media accounts, to talking to journalists and the top media outlets in the region to spread the word about your amazing business.We deliver Arabic language services of the best quality found on the web, enabling you to start receiving orders from customers all over the Arab world, stop chasing after machine translation’s empty promises that keep your customers misunderstanding you, and actually start making a profit!

Whether you run a Dubai-based startup, the marketing department of an international corporation, or a small business trying to go global, if you want to sell something to an Arabic speaker, Aurora Hikma can help you grow your customer base and achieve your business goals. We preserve your original customer experience by translating its essence into Arabic.

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