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Tailored to Suit Your Arabic Language Needs

Remember that moment last Monday when someone contacted your business online, but they were speaking Arabic and you had no idea how to respond because Google Translate was, well, being its usual self, causing a lot of confusion for you?

Or that moment when you just want to quit because running your business in two (or more) languages is driving you crazy, you can’t seem to keep track of who is saying what and you end up writing gibberish until you realize your computer is on the wrong language?

That’s where Aurora Hikma steps in and takes over. We are an all-in-one digital services agency that transforms the Arabic language side of your business (existing or non-existent) into a strong digital presence. We take the workload off your shoulders, and break the language barrier on your behalf!

No matter whether your knowledge of Arabic is limited to barely knowing what ‘marhaba’ means, or as large as being able to critique Gibran Khalil Gibran, we can help you reach Arabic-speaking consumers in an effective, efficient way.

The Hikma "Wisdom" Menu

House of Wisdom Publishing Packages

Coming soon. These customize-able packages will allow self-published authors to translate, publish, and promote their books in the Arab world.

Translation Transformation

Our translation services transform your current website, product, or service from their respective English versions, into Arabic, while ensuring that your message gets across in the most authentic way possible despite the language switch.

Social Media Supercharger

A social media management service that allows your brand to communicate in Arabic. We do everything from creating a strategy that will draw in Arabic speakers to creating the content that goes with that strategy, including compelling images to tell your brand's story.

App Localization Package

A done-for-you service spanning 3 weeks, in which we will translate your app’s content and App Store/Play Store description into Arabic. This service is structured so that you can get the highest possible quality of translation, along with quality assurance from us that it looks good, once and for all.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Fatma Bahwan

Some of the things that I really appreciated are the quick responses every time we reach out, and the considerations Bouchra gave us at the beginning of our relationship due to our company being a startup: offering a lower rate in favor of establishing a long-term relationship. Also, the translation was perfect and any alterations needed were accommodated.

What I never expected was being able to trust someone I never met with my entire business plans, but the treatment received from Aurora Hikma was very comforting and assuring and that is the number one factor why I'd always want to work with them. I'm already working on 2 other projects with other friends and we have Aurora Hikma in the front lines for both projects!

Fatma Bahwan, Co-Founder and VP of Operations, AlRudha, Oman