5 Steps to Getting Started with Arabic Social Media

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Social media is probably one of the most important ways for businesses to communicate with clients and with each other, and Arabic social media is quickly becoming the most inexpensive way for businesses to reach Arabs today. In this inaugural #ThursdayFiver, we offer 5 quick steps to getting started with Arabic social media that you can do NOW.


Identify your audience. 77% of Arabic speakers who use social media are between the ages of 16 and 29. Figure out what is the demographic you intend on selling your product to, and find out what are the best ways to reach them on social media. Are they mostly on Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat?

Identify your target market’s level of awareness. Do they know what your product is about, or how it is going to impact their lives in a positive way? If not, what is the strategy you’re going to follow to create awareness in them?


Identify your competition. What have your top 3 competitors been doing to attract an Arabic-speaking audience? If you’re in an industry where none of your current competitors are using Arabic, then look at whether there are any companies within the region who would be considered your top 3 competitors once you decide to enter the market. Most Arab companies also use English on social media due to the large numbers of non-Arabic-speaking expatriate workers in the region, so you’ll easily be able to figure out what their main social media strategies are. Finer details like the difference in how they speak to Arabic vs. English speakers aren’t that important right now, and you won’t be able to figure that out unless if it’s a major difference, like using more images vs. less images, unless if you speak Arabic.


Identify your goals. Why do you want to market your product or service to Arabic speakers? Are you interested in increasing revenues, transitioning into a global business, or creating worldwide brand awareness? Or is it more of a combination? Or some other goal unlisted here?

Identify what services you’ll need to outsource, and what you can do in-house. Perhaps you already have a marketing whiz on your team (or you’re the marketing whiz!) and he or she has some experience marketing to Arabs, in which case you might only need to hire an agency or consultant to implement a strategy. Or, maybe you’re looking for someone to do everything from A to Z. Or, maybe it’s the other way around – you have an Arabic-speaking employee or business partner who doesn’t have marketing experience, in which case you will need an agency or consultant to put together a strategy for your employee to implement. Whichever the case, you have to be clear about your goals and your current team’s strengths and weaknesses.



Some of these details can be found online, in various sites, in English. Or you can simply talk to some English-speaking Arabs on Twitter or any other social media platform to get some pointers. The rest of the details lie within yourself and your company. Based on your research, you could easily determine whether investing in Arabic social media specialists like us will be lucrative!


Did this post help you get closer to identifying your next step? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to ask any questions about the process as well!


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Bouchra Rebiai is the Co-Founder and Chief Wordsmith at Aurora Hikma: a digital agency providing Arabic translation and digital marketing services. An avid fan of science fiction, she translated Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie's triple-award-winning debut novel, from English into Arabic. She continues to read as much as possible, and hopes to translate another novel soon!

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