Shine in SEO

Want better ranking on Google?

Smaller businesses often struggle with sales due to a variety of factors, but the top concern is that there are simply not enough people visiting their website to make purchases.

Interested in the basics to boost your website’s ranking?

Budgetary restrictions get in the way of business growth for many budding entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to hiring experts or agencies that provide services such as search engine optimization.

Shine in SEO will put an end to your frustrations.

Workshop-style learning sessions

Do-it-yourself SEO exercises

Group and private feedback from an expert

Starting 15th May 2024


Shine in SEO is a six-week done-with-you program lead by Bouchra Rebiai, with six modules that will cover everything from the basic fundamentals of SEO to all you need to know when you’re outsourcing part or all of your website’s search engine optimization to an expert or agency.

Say goodbye to the olden days where agencies pulled the wool over your eyes by claiming to be “experts” and filling your website with AI-generated content or keyword-heavy copy. Through this course, you can do the bulk of optimizing your website on your own!

In addition to workshop-style modules, you will get private feedback on the exercises you work on throughout the course. There will also be office hours sessions for you to come and hang out with Bouchra and ask her any questions about SEO.

The Modules

SEO 101

An introductory module that covers the difference between on-page and technical SEO, and introduces the concept of keyword research.

Keywords to Website

This is the module where you take your keyword research and shape it into a full-blown SEO strategy to improve your website’s rankings on Google.

Existing Content & Images

Implementation starts getting serious in this module, where you take action based on the plan outlined in the previous module, to optimize your website’s content & images.

Technical SEO 101

A module for the bravest of souls, where you encounter common code gremlins that cause issues, with fixes for them that range from doable to needing master coders.

Report Like a Pro

In this module, we cover best practices for SEO reporting and analysis, along with how to identify when you need to tweak your strategy based on your results.

More, More, and More

A comprehensive module covering creating additional content based on your strategy, and multilingual SEO, for when your business is ready to go global.

Navigating any UAE business industry can be tricky without getting guidance uniquely tailored to your brand. With Shine In SEO, you can learn from those thriving in the market you are breaking into, set your own learning pace, and get a chance to practice hands-on experience.

A magnifying glass symbolizing search engine optimization taught in Shine in SEO course Dubai

What is included

Lifetime access to workshop recordings

Feedback on homework for 5 pages & 10 products

Spreadsheets & other downloadables for exercises

Customizable SEO reporting template design

WhatsApp group for accountability & support

Weekly office hours with Bouchra

But that’s not all…

As a participant in the very first iteration of this done-with-you program, you will get a few extra bonuses with your purchase to help you in your SEO journey!

Bonus One for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

SEO Webite Audit

Do you know where you currently stand in your SEO strategy? With this bonus, you can build upon existing success or fix mistakes from the past first. In addition to our expert analysis, this bonus includes a SEMRush audit of up to 500 pages of your website.


Bonus Two for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

Goal-Setting Worksheet

Do you have a goal to set yourself up for success? Ensure you start things right from the get go with this PDF worksheet that you can use to map your goals from search engine optimization and from your participation in this course.


Bonus Three for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

I Can SEO Affirmations

A lot of times, people find it hard to do something like SEO because it is strange or obscure, and can seem too technical. This set of affirmations will help you remember that you can also do it, even in the toughest of moments when you want to give up.


Bonus Four for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

Restrategizing Check-ins

More than anything, we want to see you succeed and implement what you learn. You will be able to book two 45-minute calls with Bouchra to go over your SEO strategy and tweak it, 3 months and 6 months after the course ends.


Bonus Five for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

Additional Feedback

As a thank you for participating in this beta round, we are offering additional feedback on optimized content that covers another 5 pages and 15 products (for a total of 10 pages and 25 products) and up to 2000 words of blog & FAQ content.


Bonus Six for the Shine in SEO course Dubai

Accountability Pairing

To ensure your success in the course, Bouchra will pair you with an accountability buddy. Who knows, holding each other accountable while you go through Shine in SEO could blossom into a lifelong friendship (and soundboard for SEO strategy)!


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Without Shine In SEO your business will be spending OVER 24,000 AED a year for an SEO agency. With Shine In SEO you’ll be boosting your website ratings WITH A ONE-TIME FEE OF 1,500 AED.

Bouchra Rebiai, the expert behind Shine in SEO course Dubai

who is bouchra rebiai?

Bouchra is a woman of many talents. She has acquired a legion of skills since starting in 2016 with Aurora Hikma, her boutique marketing and translation agency. Since 2020, she has supported various digital agencies with her remarkable SEO practices in Arabic and English, that lead to boosted rankings.

Bouchra has worked on leading websites such as Visit Abu Dhabi, twofour54, and more. She has extensive experience in WordPress, Shopify, Kajabi, and so much more that she is excited to share with the Shine in SEO community.

As an SME owner herself, Bouchra is passionate about empowering small businesses with the knowledge and tools to give them a competitive edge in their industries.

Key times & dates


Shine in SEO Starts On

15th May 2024

Weekly Workshops At

11 AM UAE time every Wednesday

Weekly Office Hours At

10 AM UAE time every Friday

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Shine in SEO for?

Shine in SEO is a course designed for small and medium business owners who are hands-on with their web presence and are brave enough to jump in and play around with the tech.

When can I expect to see results?

When done right, search engine optimization is a long-term game that will yield results with time. Just like any other organic source of traffic, you’ll need to be patient. We recommend waiting 6-12 months before doing a complete overhaul of your SEO strategy.

how much time does SEO need from me?

We understand that you’re a busy business owner with a full schedule at work and at home. The time commitment required for the course varies slightly from week to week depending on the homework, but we estimate the most time you’ll spend is 3-4 hours in the busier weeks and as little as 2 hours in the quieter weeks.

I have more pages/products than what is included above. How can I get feedback on the work I do for the entire website?
While this beta round of the course offers feedback on a larger number of pages and products than the future iterations of Shine in SEO, we understand this still might not cover your website entirely. Feel free to email us at once you sign up to inquire about our additional feedback packages.
Can't I learn from youtube for free?

Yes, you can. However, learning SEO from YouTube or any other free courses will not guarantee you will learn the latest best practices in the field. Additionally, the expert feedback offered as part of Shine in SEO doesn’t come with those courses.

how much am i really going to save from doing this course?

Generally speaking, the smallest retainers for websites that require 10 hours or less of SEO research & maintenance that we’ve seen in the market start at 2000 AED per month. This is at decent agencies that stick to best practices and don’t use black-hat SEO methods that give you quick results but ruin your website’s reputation with Google in the long run. Not to mention that you have to invest in SEO for a minimum of 6-12 months to see any decent results, which can easily make it a 12,000 AED budget.

what are the workshop timings?

The live workshops are held at 11 AM every Wednesday, starting from the 15th of May, for six consecutive weeks. Each session is expected to last between 1-1.5 hours. Recorded versions of the workshops will be accessible within 12 hours of each workshop.

is attending the office hours mandatory?

No, you don’t need to attend the office hours, unless you have a question you’d like Bouchra to answer on the calls.

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