Connecting businesses with Arabic-speaking consumers online and offline.
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Let’s face it. If you’re a business owner in Dubai who wants to reach locals, you have to have an Arabic presence online and offline. This is where Aurora Hikma steps in to help you. We do everything from Arabic translation and copywriting to social media management and events targeting locals.

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The translation was perfect and any alterations needed were accommodated.
What I never expected was being able to trust someone I never met with my entire business plans, but the treatment received from Aurora Hikma was very comforting and assuring and that is the number one factor why I’d always want to work with them.
Fatma Bahwan

COO, Al Rudha

I just want to give a big shout out to Bouchra Rebiai for some recent Arabic translation work she did for one of our clients’ press release. We really needed it in Arabic for the Saudi press and Bouchra came to the rescue and completely captured the narrative of the original statement and was able to reproduce it in Arabic as if it had been written in Arabic by the client in the first instance. Bouchra, thank you so much.

Amanda Perry

CEO, Vitality

My biggest challenge was finding an Arabic translator with experience in marketing. I commissioned Aurora Hikma’s services when I was on a call with Bouchra and she brought to attention some incorrect grammar from a previous translation I had done. I loved the ease of communication and quick response times, and it was nice to know I was working with someone helpful.

Suma Rahman


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