April is here, and it’s the beginning of the second quarter of 2017. I’ve been putting off blogging for quite a while, because I wanted everything to be perfect.

Yes, I know quite well that perfectionism is a terrible thing, and I’m working on that, that’s why today I’m writing this blog post. Long ago, when I first started in the online world, I used to share my goals and plans on my personal blog; but I’ve long since stopped that. However, after seeing all the entrepreneurs I admire share their plans publicly, and after failing to keep up with many goals because the only person who knows the intricacies of them is just me and my Bullet Journal, I am committing once again to sharing goals publicly.

Now, this is a business-related blog, so I won’t be sharing too many of my personal goals on here, but I’m definitely going to share all my business goals!

Earlier in the year, I started planning my work schedule in sprints that would range from 8 – 12 weeks, during which I would focus on just a couple of strategic, important goals to move forward with my business. Mid-April will see the end of my first sprint of the year, and after a week’s break, I will start on my second sprint, in the last week of April.

My 1st Sprint of 2017

To be honest, this sprint has been more about learning about myself and my business and honing down a lot of things, and embracing the immense need for routine, than any of the goals I actually set for the sprint. I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but it has been far from perfect.

I will write more on this as I wrap up the sprint and start the new one.

April Goals

Consistency: one of the key things I’ve always struggled with is consistency. I’m a rebel/revolutionary, Type-A personality (ENTJ, anyone?), and routine is my ultimate nemesis; mostly because it used to be dictated to me. When I wasn’t being told when to do what, I lacked the self-discipline needed to actually set myself my own routines. I’ve been learning a lot about letting go of old patterns and habits, and I’m totally shedding this, in both personal and business-related matters!

Shed old skin - #soulshot by @nataliemacneil from soulseconds.com

#soulshot by @nataliemacneil from soulseconds.com

This #soulshot seems apt to the discussion. Shedding old ways, I’m going to commit to blog and post on social media on a consistent basis. I still haven’t figured out all the kinks yet, so this might be weekly, bi-weekly, or even 2 – 3 times a week. I might as well embrace the rebel in me and just go with the flow of my words – which, if not curbed by the perfectionist in me, tend to overflow every few days.
Planning a Virtual Summit: this all very hush-hush right now, and I can’t go into too much detail, but I will be hosting a virtual summit on translation later this year. I cannot wait to start on this goal!

Email and Communication: over a month ago, I started telling everyone I was going to start up my mailing list, and even gathered some email from friends, but I still haven’t written them anything. My goal is to at least write 4 emails to the list in April, and I’m already brainstorming what the first one will contain! I also have had some communication trouble with emails not going through, and I’m committing to figuring out a solution to this problem as well.


To some of you, all of this might look like it’s a lot, but the revolutionary in me is screaming in horror at how small these things are – no “baby steps” allowed, only total transformations, errr, revolutions.

How about you? What are your goals and plans for April? Let us know in the comments below, and let’s get accountable 😉