About Us

We are a duo of twenty-somethings with a vision to change the landscape of the Arabic-speaking Internet by creating content on the behalf of your business, in order to add value to your brand as well as the lives of Arab consumers across the Middle East and North Africa and in smaller, scattered Arabic-speaking communities worldwide.

As Arabs with an excellent command of English – one of our co-founders is bilingual in English and Arabic, and the other runs an international business which relies heavily on English – we found ourselves equipped with an advantage many of our peers don’t have access to, if not fully, to some extent, at the very least. We can read valuable content in English, but cannot share it with many of our friends and family, due to the language barrier.

This is when Aurora Hikma was born, in order to gap the divide between English-speaking businesses and Arabic-speaking consumers worldwide by providing translation, social media management, and PR services in Arabic.

The Duo

Co-Founder + Chief Operations Officer

Abes gained experience in business operations and management on an international level, as well as marketing while working as the director of an offline/online hybrid business. He brings with him over 6 years of experience running a business, as well as an enthusiasm for building a digital agency based in the cloud. He tweets @Abes380.

Co-Founder + Chief Wordsmith

Bouchra gained experience in social media and digital marketing, as well as in PR while working as a freelance translator. A die-hard science fiction fan, she was thrilled to translate Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice into Arabic in early 2016. She blogs at bouchrarebiai.com and tweets @brebiai. She is also currently writing a sci-fi novel of her own, Candy Curse.

For more information and press enquiries, please email us at hello@aurorahikma.com